You may not know his name, but you could never forget one of his photos. Christopher Johns made some of the the most recognizable pictures of our time. He's the only field photographer to rise through the ranks of National Geographic to become Editor-In-Chief, heading the world's most iconic magazine during a period of ultimate disruption. After spending a career as a journalist walking the tightrope between worry and wonder, he's now fostering a rising artist with her own distinct ethos. His daughter Louise Johns, who picked up a camera as a child during her father's last assignment and now is shaping her own photography vision one image at a time.

The Wonder and the Worry  is a film currently in production about two amazing careers, a lyrical exploration of family and, the craft of photography and the power of journalism to effect change. It is also the story of the transformation of the most influential institutions in publishing, the National Geographic Magazine, which has long celebrated a natural world now perched on the edge of irreversible global change. This is a story of the soul of journalism and of the achingly beautiful planet balanced precariously close to the edge of devastation.

You can donate to the film project now through our crowdfunding website. You can help to make this important film a reality.

Look for the the film to launch in 2023.