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from the National Science Foundation

Episode 1: Forging the future of ocean science

Oregon State University is forging the future of science by designing and delivering the next generation of ships to advance coastal science. These Regional Class Research Vessels (RCRVs) will be cutting-edge platforms that provide scientists and educators access to the marine realm. The first of three new ships we are building, which CEOAS will operate, will replace R/V Oceanus.

Episode 2: How do you design a ship for science?

The Regional Class Research Vessels are under construction at Bollinger Shipyards in Houma, LA. These 3 vessels have been designed to serve the oceanographic community's needs and aspirations to answer some of the world's most pressing questions about climate, pollution, ocean acidification, the deep sea, and much more.

Building a ship anytime is challenging, but building ships for research has added requirements for facilitating science at sea--this means designing a floating laboratory that is stable, reliable, efficient, and equipped with advanced instruments for studying the ocean today and into the future.

Watch as engineers, naval architects, and program leads unite to ensure the next fleet of vessels meet the needs of the research community.

Episode 3: The last voyage of the Oceanus
The R/V Oceanus served U.S. science missions on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts for more than four decades. While she proved a durable and reliable platform for generations of researchers, the ship's age and dated systems meant that the Oceanus could no longer keep up with the latest technology. In 2021, she was retired. This episode documents her final voyage.